Tadeusz Chrusciel

Founder & CEO, Scanye

Tad is a CEO & Founder of Scanye. 

Finance & Accounting graduate. After few unsuccessful entrepreneurial attempts I have joined the corporate World. Fortunately or not, just after few weeks together with my partner we have noticed, that the company spends amusing amount of human work to manually process cash slip receipts. We have immediately decided to save the World from paperwork and started Scanye.

Scanye started as an intelligent OCR company and the technology is still our core service. After testing few business models and target markets we have find out that numerous accountants struggle with documents processing. Since 2017 we have been proudly serving thousands of accountants in Poland, savings years of their working hours every month.

Currently we are building Scanye Digital CFO - a platform that connects small businesses with their accounting offices. We smoothen documents and data exchange between the parties, making communication and cooperation easier and more effective. Basing on the data from SMBs, banking accounts and accountants we will provide a complete financial situation snapshot - budgets, reports and cashflow forecast - without any manual paperwork. 

Personally I am interested in XX century history, politics and cinema. Sports fan, both actively and as a spectator.