Steve Gandara

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Excellent Cultures, Inc.

Steve Gandara and the Excellent Cultures Team have spent over four decades helping leaders transform corporate cultures and leaders into A RELENTLESS COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. He has served a wide range of leaders and firms from startups to Fortune 500s.

Using a unique combination of scientific assessment data, seasoned experience and proprietary technology, Steve and his colleagues have designed and orchestrated strategies delivering client ROIs ranging from 225% to 1750% in less than two years. Their unique "Service-Over-Self Organizational DNA" that produces a "Culture of Relentless Commitment to Excellence" generates distinct competitive advantages. Client leaders and firms maximize their current success, capture new opportunities, transform their people and organizations, and reach new heights of performance and profitability.

A retired US Army Reserve Officer, husband to Denise, his wife of nearly five decades, father of two natural and nine adopted children with nine grandchildren, Steve leads a busy life. When not meaningfully engaged with family or clients, he has served in volunteer positions as a high school youth mentor, school board member, licensed foster parent, minority scholarship fundraiser, church board president, social service charity board chairman and college board of regents chairman. Steve has also taught college classes in entrepreneurial leadership and speaks regularly to corporate and business leaders about high-performance leadership, team building, diversity & inclusion and corporate culture transformation. He also regularly delivers Achieving Excellent Culture workshops both live and virtually to leaders ranging from middle managers to CEOs of organizations from startups to Fortune 500s in diverse geographical locations.