Denny Ard CPA

Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Denny is the Managing Partner of the Assurance Innovation and Methodology Group (AIM) at Dixon Hughes Goodman (DHG). His strategic vision and leadership played an instrumental role in the firm's decision to invest in the research and development of innovative technologies to modernize the assurance practice. Through Denny's innovative mindset and thoughtful execution, DHG has transformed their assurance methodology and built the foundation for the assurance practice of the future. Under his leadership, the AIM team continues to develop and maintain DHG's assurance methodology, analyze trends and disruptions in the industry and provide continuous process improvement for the DHG client experience. Denny has more than 20 years of public accounting experience providing assurance services to both public and private companies in a variety of industries. His experience includes client service with a Big Four firm and with DHG, and he has served as a partner in the Professional Standards Group (PSG) at DHG, which is responsible for quality control and the technical aspects of the assurance practice. Through the hands-on client experience, technical knowledge gained as a member of PSG and his creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, Denny is equipped with a unique skillset to lead the firm's Assurance Innovation and Methodology Group.