Brett Knowles CMC

Executive Partner, pm2

Brett is a long-time Thought Leader in the performance measurement and management. He was involved in the initial Balanced Scorecard research at Harvard, developed the first Balanced Scorecard software application, work as an executive VP with Drs’ Kaplan and Norton and has completed over 3,000 scorecard projects around the world, and had his methodologies licensed by organizations such as IBM and CPA.

Recently Brett has been a leader in the area of OKR research and development. His YouTubes actually have more views than John Doerr’s! His team and methodologies have helped over 200,000 individuals develop their OKRs and he has helped in some of the largest OKR projects world wide. His public videos on YouTube can be found at

Brett has had his clients profiled in Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Fortune magazines. Brett’s work has been profiled in every book that Kaplan & Norton have written and they have awarded four of his clients their prestigious Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame designation.