Deborah Johnson

President, High-Stakes Communication, LLC

Deborah has consulted on a variety of civil and criminal cases, including: SEC fraud, mortgage fraud, mail fraud, civic rights, worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, personal injury, employment, business disputes, rape, sexual assault, manslaughter, and divorce and custody. She has worked on a $200M suit/countersuit, helped win a $5.3M award in a civil rights case and worked on a number of a multi-million-dollar divorce settlements.

Deborah is a six-time EMMY Award-winning writer and producer. She has a Masters Degree in Cognitive Psychology and Television Production from the University of Washington, where she studied with nationally recognized expert on eyewitness testimony and memory, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus. She is Certified Practitioner of Human Interaction Technology. The intensive program, with international expert Michael Bernoff, focuses on cutting-edge NLP-based skills and strategies.

From her rich history of experience, Deborah has developed a trademarked model for assessing and training witnesses. In the midst of the turmoil of litigation, witnesses can come across as angry, frustrated, frightened, vindictive, insecure, or even unstable.

“Witnesses are like icebergs – only 1/8 is above the surface. If you don’t deal with the 7/8 below the surface, it can sink your case.”

Deborah’s practices directly address emotional issues, to help witnesses testify calmly and with confidence. She teaches new skills to help sharpen focus and clarity. Then, her unique practices teach new communication skills. Witnesses emerge with the ability communicate in a clear and concise manner – no matter how stressful the circumstances.

She appeared on KPHO CBS 5 news as a Trial Consultant. Her clients have been interviewed by Barbara Walters, the BBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, The Washington Post and local/regional television news, newspapers and radio stations.

Deborah is a sought-after national and international speaker. She has been teaching and training for over 30 years. She practices what she teaches. Her presentations are visually interesting, intellectually engaging, and packed with real-life stories of success and failure.