Deborah Johnson

President, High-Stakes Communication

Deborah has consulted on a variety of civil and criminal cases, including: business disputes, contracts, SEC fraud, mortgage fraud, mail fraud, civil rights, workman’s compensation, medical malpractice, personal injury, employment, rape, sexual assault, manslaughter, and divorce. One client won a $5.3M award in a civil rights case and several others have won multi-million-dollar divorce settlements. She is a six-time EMMY Award-winning writer and producer. Her Masters Degree in Cognitive Psychology and Television Production from the University of Washington, combined with a rich history of experience, gives her unique insights into what highly diverse audiences perceive and how to communicate to them effectively. After 20 years at #1-rated TV stations and more than a decade with her own company, today, she applies a lifetime of experience to preparing professionals, experts and lay people for high-stakes situations. Whether that’s in the courtroom, boardroom or in front of the media, when there’s a lot on the line Deborah knows that every word, every inflection, every gesture is critical to success.