Boris Richard

Managing Director, FTI Consulting

Boris Richard is a Managing Director in FTI Consulting Forensic & Litigation Consulting segment and is based in Washington DC. At FTI, Dr. Richard focuses on cryptocurrencies, blockchain economics, initial coin offerings, STOs and digital token valuation and performance. He has a thorough understanding of the evolving regulatory and enforcement framework for cryptocurrencies and digital assets in the U.S. and abroad, the ongoing securities industry efforts in applying blockchain technology to the issuance and trading of traditional securities, as well as a comprehensive perspective on the emerging private litigation involving ICOs and digital tokens. He is actively involved in public discussions, blockchain events, panel presentations, education and publishing on the issues of cryptocurrencies and crypto regulation. Dr. Richard complements his expertise in cryptocurrencies with 23 years of experience in fixed income capital markets and economic and litigation consulting. Dr. Richard has substantial complex case management expertise and litigation consulting knowledge with deep practical experience in bond trading, mortgage-backed securities, and fixed income investments. He has extensive expertise in rates products (U.S. Treasuries, Supra, Sovereign and Agency (SSA) bonds, agency RMBS), Treasury and Eurodollar futures, interest rate derivatives (swaps, swaptions, caps/floors) and agency and private-label RMBS and mortgage structured cash flows as a sell-side market strategist, bond trader and a buy-side hedge fund quantitative portfolio manager. Prior to his consulting career, Dr. Richard was head of agency debt strategy at Barclays Capital in New York, participated in the issuance of callable U.S. agency debentures, and took an active role in establishing the company as a key player in the agency debt markets. He also worked as a market maker in US agency callable bonds at HSBC Securities (USA) in New York where he was responsible for managing and hedging a US$2 billion portfolio of secondary callable bonds. He also played a key role in marketing and distribution of complex agency and non-agency structured MBS securities at Goldman Sachs in New York. Later on, he was a quantitative MBS hedge fund portfolio manager, generating a significant contribution to the investment book profits of over $400 million.