Tom Ryan

Principal, Ryan Adams Group

Tom is a founding partner of Ryan Adams Group, a consulting firm that guides auto dealers through the transition from negotiating business models to one price business models. Tom and the Ryan Adams Group team have converted over one hundred dealerships to the one price business model. Tom was born and raised in the automotive industry with a strong background in training and development. He is a highly energetic, persuasive communicator and inspiring sales leader. Tom has spent 30+ years delivering the experience with measurable outcomes. As a proven sales leader with traditional dealerships, Tom focuses on establishing relationships and building value through strengths in negotiating and closing the sale. He has trained thou-sands of sales people and sales managers across the country. Tom’s skill in implementing big ideas with actionable steps has transformed the way people buy cars. For more than 18 years as the Director of Training for the Walser Automotive Group, Tom helped create the “Walser Way,” a paradigm shift in the auto industry to a nego-tiation-free sales approach. Up for more challenges, Tom made the move to help create the Morrie’s “Buy Happy Promises”. The opportunity started with unifying 10 separate business-es into one strong brand identity. The goal included all processes and parts to be inter-changeable for efficiency, brand recognition and maximizing resources. To succeed, this big idea took every employee to embrace the culture change and team spirit to deliver the total experience driving increased sales. Tom serves on the Salvation Army Advisory Board and volunteers as a Counselor at the Salvation Army ARC. He has been the featured speaker for 20 Groups across the country; Auto Team America; and the College of St. Thomas.