Saul Bakst

Director, Investment Accounting, Reporting, & Tax, Ford Foundation

Saul joined the Finance Department at the Ford Foundation in 2010 as the Director, Investment Accounting, Reporting, & Tax to build and teams responsible for investment, accounting and operation, internal and external reporting, tax and regulatory compliance.. Prior to joining the Ford Foundation, Saul helped launch and expand the Laurus Valens family of hedge funds. Beginning in 2000 as head trader for the funds, Saul identified and executed on market opportunities and arbitrage, sourced liquidity through a broad network of trading firms, and developed trading strategies to deliver sustained and stable growth to fund investors. Moving to the Portfolio Operations Officer role in 2005, Saul was responsible for developing strategy and instituting policies and procedures for the operations, accounting, valuation, trading, and regulatory compliance for the funds' investment portfolios. Beginning his career in as a Market Maker on the American Stock Exchange, Saul established two-sided, competitive markets in publicly traded equity options and actively competed for order flow against other market participants and exchanges.

Saul lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and children, and enjoys woodworking, DIY, and family time. He is heavily involved with several neighborhood assistance programs and charitable organizations in his community.