Ed Cannon

President, New Madison Ave

Ed is an innovator. During his tenure as CEO of New Madison Ave, the organization has helped their clients leverage artificial intelligence, analytics and digital platforms to create new business models, envisage and create new intelligent products and services, launch new channels, personalize experiences and most importantly lift sales. Prior to founding New Madison Ave, Ed held Chief Information Officer positions in the media and entertainment industry, where he led major, global transformation efforts for multi-billion organizations. He has held board of director and advisory positions, authored books and standards and is a guest lecturer at various MBA programs. In today’s world, intelligent and digital technologies have an outsized impact on innovation, brand health, customer experience, top-line-growth and profitability. Ed’s ability to understand the value-creating capabilities of technology and match them with the goals of the firm, is why he is comfortable from the boardroom to the computer room. 

INNOVATION: Recognized the need for improved strategy, tactics, talent and services to support clients who want to leverage AI and Digital for profit. That is why he founded New Madison Ave. True to his mission, he has helped clients win prestigious industry and web awards, increase the exit value of companies, significantly increase sales and optimize billion-dollar marketing investments. 

PEOPLE: You will frequently hear him say “It’s all about people”. Thus, New Madison Ave focus on customer experience, service thinking and service design and ongoing skills and capabilities development for staff and organization strength. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Avoids doing it alone. He is an expert in multi-generational organizations and has a history of building eco-system partnerships, relationships with universities and stronger teams by managing the various goals and cultures of the parties and building trusted relationships.