Jeffrey D Frank CPA

Managing Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

Jeff has over 30 years of experience serving not-for-profit institutions, including colleges and universities, foundations, academic medical centers, student loan organizations, hospitals and health systems, and cultural institutions. Jeff consults regularly with not-for-profit organizations on a variety of tax and compensation matters including unrelated business income tax planning, structuring joint ventures and similar transactions, corporate sponsorship arrangements, tax planning for alternative investments, and representing organizations during IRS examinations.

Jeff also serves as a compensation and benefits resource for tax-exempt organizations including health systems and academic institutions. Jeff's work in this role includes consulting on compensation and employment tax matters such as tax-favored retirement programs; income and employment tax treatment of fringe benefits; and executive compensation matters such as deferred compensation plans, intermediate sanctions compliance and Section 4960 excise taxes.

Jeff previously served as the Chair of the AICPA Exempt Organizations Tax Technical Resource Panel, has co-authored texts on the Intermediate Sanctions law and is a frequent speaker on tax and compensation matters affecting health systems, colleges and universities, and other tax-exempt organizations. Jeff holds a BS in Accounting from Indiana University and an MS in Taxation from Drexel University.