Steve E. Shamrock CPA, CGMA, CMA, MBA

Founder and CEO, Shamrock Accounting Consulting and Tax

Steven E. Shamrock, CPA, CGMA, MBA, CMA is Founder and CEO of Shamrock Accounting Consulting and Tax, the Chicago-based practice that helps businesses that want to change or grow. Shamrock’s mission is to empower business owners and managers of small to lower-middle-market through collaborating on practical solutions to shape their organizations’ financial future to achieve long-term, sustainable success. Shamrock has fulfilled this mission throughout his 25-year career as a leader in companies small and large, private and public, foreign and domestic, including a bio-tech startup, closely-held manufacturing companies, as well as large companies such as BP, Akzo Nobel, and Energizer. Shamrock’s broad experience in companies of all sizes, cultures, and financial positions has given him the ability to ‘see around the corner of growth’ and provide advice and know-how about tooling the financial aspect of a business to be an enabler of growth rather than an inhibitor of success. 

A recognized subject-matter expert, Shamrock is the author of IFRS and U.S. GAAP: A Comprehensive Comparison (John Wiley & Sons, 2012). He is also the editor of U.S. GAAP sections of the Interpretation and Application of IFRS (Wiley, 2013) as well as other Wiley publications. Shamrock has spoken a numerous AICPA events, was a member of the AICPA SAG for the IFRS Certificate Program, and speaks for various companies on matters of control, finance, and accounting. Shamrock has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio and an MBA in Economics from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. He is also enrolled in the Masters of Taxation program at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio.