Dhiraj Cherian

CFO, Panasonic Automotive

Dhiraj is the CFO of Panasonic Automotive, a global technology leader in automotive innovation, where he leads the finance partnership in driving business growth in the Americas and abroad. Prior to this, he served as the CFO of Westinghouse Electric, leading finance, investment and risk for the business and served as Director on Corporate Boards. Dhiraj is a seasoned financial executive with deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries. He brings over 20 years of financial management experience with a broad perspective and long-term vision gained from doing business globally. Dhiraj is highly successful in building key alliances, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering on customer commitments in the face of diverse business challenges. He has an excellent record of delivering improved financial profitability and performance, increasing productivity through technology, and enhancing controllership for global Fortune corporations.

Outside of work, he is a travel enthusiast and enjoying outdoor activities with his family.