Dave Brandt

Vice President of Business Development, The Xtra Mile Group

Dave received his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Colorado State University where he played intercollegiate football. After graduation, Dave began a successful 23-year stint in the pharmaceutical industry where he won numerous awards at every level.

Dave has over 25 years of selling, leadership, coaching and training experience in the business world and sports industry. He has built and led multiple teams as a leader and has worked to help build leaders at all levels to be at their best. Professional and personal growth of people is his driving force. His ability to connect and understand what drives others has led to his success in the industry and to the success of The Xtra Mile Group. He is currently certified in multiple leadership areas including, coaching, leadership and team development programs. In addition to his professional work, Dave is extremely active in his community and enjoys keeping physically fit. His passion is sports and coaching football and basketball. Dave loves spending time with his wife, his boys and their many pets!