Barry Freeman Ph.D.

Crowe LLP, Crowe LLP

Barry Freeman is the national transfer pricing practice leader for Crowe and has over 25 years of transfer pricing and related economic experience. Barry holds a Ph.D in economics from UCLA. Barry’s transfer pricing advisory work has focused on the economics of multi-jurisdictional (global and multi-state) intercompany pricing, including the preparation of documentation studies (for US and non-US income tax requirements and penalty protection provisions), planning studies (to help taxpayers determine appropriate transfer prices for future transactions), and economic studies for use in audit defense and APA negotiations. Before joining Crowe, Barry was a founding member and the national managing partner of the transfer pricing practice at a Top 10 Tax Consulting firm in New York. Prior to 2007, Barry was a Big 4 practice leader for economic tax issues related to the Telecommunications industry and was a member of the firm’s Washington National Tax Services Office. Barry has extensive experience structuring, developing, and implementing transfer pricing solutions for Fortune 100 and other companies in many industries including Telecommunications, Industrial, Technology and Software.