Dr. Al Naqvi

CEO and Professor, American Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Al Naqvi advises companies and governments in matters of AI strategy and transformation. He specializes in building (Artificial Intelligence) AI companies, AI products, AI national strategies, AI business and AI government agency models, and AI research centers. He is the CEO and Professor at the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence. Under his leadership, American AI offers AI and Machine Learning training programs, conducts sophisticated research, and has developed AI products. He is the author of several books on AI, including: Artificial Intelligence for Audit, Forensic Accounting, and Valuation (Wiley); Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management and Investment; and co-editor of Handbook for Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation: Policy and Government Applications. A leading advocate for responsible AI, Naqvi has developed the first and most comprehensive body of knowledge (and courses) for AI in Corporate Strategy, AI in Finance, AI in Marketing, AI in HR, AI in Competitive Intelligence, AI in CSR, Deep Learning, AI in Supply Chain Management. His work is recognized by several professional societies including AICPA and APICS/ASCM. As a keynote speaker, Naqvi has appeared in leading AI global conferences.