Al Naqvi

Professor, American Institute of AI

Cognitive (Artificial Intelligence) Transformation Expert: AL (A.I.) NAQVI Professor Al (A.I.) Naqvi, the pioneer of the field of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, developed the first and most comprehensive body of knowledge (and courses) for AI in Corporate Strategy, AI in Finance, AI in Marketing, AI in HR, AI in Competitive Intelligence, and AI in Supply Chain Management. The courses developed by Professor Naqvi are now offered by George Mason University. His work has been recognized by world’s leading professional societies, universities, and companies. Over 300 companies have benefited from Naqvi’s research. He is widely published in both academic and practitioner publications. Al Naqvi’s professional research interests are broad, and include artificial intelligence, applied AI, robotic process automation, deep learning, complex adaptive systems, cognitive organizations and leadership, and strategic cognitive transformation. He teaches several classes on Applied Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, RPA, and Cognitive Transformation at the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence. Professor Naqvi is passionate about teaching people about the potential and practical applications of artificial intelligence. He calls it reskilling and re-intellectualization of the workforce. He is the editor of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Business, Policy, and Economy. He is a leading expert in transforming companies from the “e” to the “ai” era. He specializes in total and integrated business transformation by using artificial intelligence. He has designed several products using Deep Neural Networks. Known for making artificial intelligence fun and easy to understand, he has appeared in various conferences and shows all over the world. He lives in the greater Washington DC area.