Jeannine Hyman CPA

Director, Citi

Jeannine Hyman is currently the Global ICG and Treasury Accounting Policy Head at Citigroup with responsibility for application of both US GAAP and IFRS across many jurisdictions. She led the global adoption of the new hedging standard and was part of the implementation team for CECL. Jeannine is an expert in hedge accounting, derivatives, debt and equity instruments and transactions, securities and loans, sale and transfer accounting and financial statement presentation. She works closely with tax, legal, SEC reporting, controllers and regulatory teams.

Jeannine is currently Chair of the North American Accounting working group of International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA). The objective of the North American Accounting working group is to advance ISDA's policies in the accounting arena in coordination with ISDA's counterparties and advisors. The chair represents ISDA in discussions with standard setters, regulators and others.

Jeannine is currently the Chair of the Accounting and Tax Subcommittee of the Alternative Reference Rate Committee created by the Federal Reserve. In this role she will address all accounting and tax issues related to the transition from LIBOR to its replacement with the FASB, SEC and other regulators while leading the finance transition initiative from a global Citi perspective.

In her previous role Jeannine was the Chair of the AICPA Revenue Recognition task force which led the effort to address accounting conclusions associated with the revenue recognition standard implementation including discussions with the FASB, regulators, auditors and others. Jeannine led and implemented the revenue recognition for Citigroup globally.

Jeannine joined Citi in 2015 as part of ICG accounting policy. In January 2017, she moved to Head the Treasury Accounting Policy area. In July 2019, she was named the Global ICG and Treasury Accounting Policy Head. Prior to joining Citi, Jeannine worked in accounting policy at Bank of America supporting banking and markets products. Jeannine began her career in Deloitte's Audit Practice in NYC working in technical roles serving financial services clients. She is a CPA in the state of NY.