Javier Ramirez

VP of FP&A, Predictive Cash Flows

Javier is a bi-lingual finance and operations executive who has successfully managed top 500 fortune companies along with its revenues, costs, FP&A, M&A transactions, supply-chains, marketing and capital investments specialized in banking, digital marketing, technology wholesaling, and professional services. Javier has implemented and migrated complex financial structures to and from Latin America while successfully supporting global corporate objectives. He has worked very closely with CEOs, CFOs and Board of Directors on planning the launch of new multi-regional offices or the acquisition of new companies by leveraging his strategic, analytical, and international strengths. Javier understands the importance of “business partnerships” within the FP&A/Finance function and the rest of the organization while helping to bridge the gaps in order to facilitate smooth integrations & transitions to increase value to the company’s customers and stakeholders.