Jason Villere CTP

Director, BRAYN Consulting, LLC

Jason Villere, Director, Management Consulting, brings a breadth of financial experience across multiple industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare and Consumer Finance. Throughout his career, Jason has been consistent with delivering effective communication with cross-functional teams to achieve desired results in complex situations.

Jason believes in innovation and worked with a team to develop new, specific industry product offerings in an effort to digitize implementation documentation. As a leader, he assembled a team of internal associates that successfully completed Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements for $2B organization. He is results-focused and consistently increased new business production by an average of over 30% annually for 7 years, while managing a sales team with a portfolio of 300+ clients.

Let Jason bring best practices to your organization by reducing costs and creating efficiencies by analyzing existing problems within treasury management, internal audit and process improvement.

Management consulting will join BRAYN’s existing consulting for the R&D tax credit, cost segregation, and excise tax recovery. We at BRAYN are excited about the new opportunities this brings as we continue to grow and evolve. BRAYN is about to celebrate its 8th anniversary and currently has locations in four major cities serving clients across the United States. While our clients work in a broad array of industries, we have specialties in construction, architecture, engineering, software development, manufacturing, real estate, energy, and food and beverage industries.

What distinguishes BRAYN from the pack is a commitment to client-value. Our leadership team draws on real-world industry experience and new technologies to provide top-class service while minimizing time impact on our clients and their teams, who are busy changing the world and the face of business as we know it.