Amanda Nelson CPA

Partner, KPMG

Amanda is a partner in KPMG's Audit Quality and Professional Practice group and in her role issues guidance to KPMG offices on not-for-profit accounting, performing audits under Government Auditing Standards, and performing Single Audits. Amanda also is involved in drafting KPMG's responses to the AICPA, FASB, FASAB, OMB, and GAO on proposed accounting and auditing literature. She serves as KPMG's liaison to federal agencies on Single Audit issues and other compliance audits for federal agencies.

Amanda currently serves on and was the first chairman of the executive committee of the AICPA's Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC) and is a task force member for the annual revision of the AICPA Audit Guide, Government Auditing Standards and Single Audits. She is a reviewer of the annual OMB Compliance Supplement and serves on many informal task forces developing clarifications. Amanda served on the AICPA's Auditing Standards Board task force responsible for developing SAS No. 117, Compliance Audits. Amanda is a former member of and the past chairman of the AICPA Expert Panel for not-for-profit organizations. During her time as chairman she oversaw the 2013 revision of the AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide, Not-for-Profit Organizations. She has served on other AICPA task forces for accounting issues including various statements of positions and technical practice aids. Amanda is a member of GAO's Yellow Book Advisory Council. The Advisory Council reviews Government Auditing Standards and recommends necessary changes. Amanda is also a member a board of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.