Andrea Wilson

Partner, BDO

Andrea Wilson leads BDO's national Nonprofit and Education Advisory Services practice and consulting services to federal awardees, contractors, Institutions of higher education and nonprofit organizations on a wide range of organizational issues including regulatory compliance, management and restructuring matters, internal controls, compliance, cost allowability and recovery issues, cost accounting, procurement, and project and grants management. Andrea has assisted organizations respond to changing regulatory requirements, audit readiness and inquiries and suspension matters in complex global operating environments. Her expertise includes a wide range of USG funding agencies. Andrea has extensive knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200), OMB Circulars, and Agency Supplements.

Andrea is an accomplished finance and operations advisor with more than 18 years of experience providing leadership and improving compliance, financial systems, procurement, logistics, operations, human resource, budgeting, project and grants management systems including grantee assessments and due diligence. Her expertise is achieving superior performance by designing and implementing new operational systems and internal controls to reduce costs, increase information efficiencies, accuracy and compliance.

Prior to consulting, Andrea held various senior level positions with international non-governmental and higher education institutions as well as an auditor with an international auditing firm. Andrea is also a member of BDO's Institute of Nonprofit Excellence where she serves as a thought leader and technical resource for BDO nationally.