Sherrie Grabot

Founder & CEO, GuidedChoice

Sherrie Grabot is the chief executive officer at GuidedChoice™, bringing financial freedom to everyone. This independent advisory firm focuses on helping people retire by creating realistic objectives and strategic plans to fulfill them. Grabot is responsible for establishing the company’s vision, managing the investment committee, and contributing to the wellbeing of society, one retirement plan at a time. Grabot has dedicated herself to the financial industry for over 37 years. While working at Apple, Grabot successfully worked with her team to automate new employee orientation, international HR systems, and the 401k for the desktop. At Trowe Price, Grabot’s management helped increase the bottom line, profitability, and client retention. Grabot also paved the way in her industry to allow female executives to be themselves– wearing trousers when desired, choosing not to travel weekends, and bringing her young sons along on business trips--a giant leap for professional women in the workplace. Grabot’s impressive leadership skills led her to become the executive vice president at Trust Company of the West where she incubated GuidedChoice™. Grabot has created an impressive and respectable reputation in the industry. She was recognized as the youngest female CLU after being chosen for the LUPAC board and working closely with Senator Lloyd Bentsen on Section 89. In 2006, she was appointed by Elaine Chao as the chairman of the ERISA Advisory council after serving as the vice chair of the Working Group on Plan Fees and Reporting in 2004. Grabot has been an active lobbyist for the technology industry, working with the American Electronics Association to relieve costs through transparency in healthcare. In addition, she has invested a lot of her time testifying before congress regarding many fiduciary rules. Grabot has also been classified as one of the few female CEOs in the industry and is running the largest female-owned RIA.