Timothy J. Glover CPA, CA, CMA, Bmath

CEO & President, Light-Core

As a CPA, CA, CMA and corporate strategist, Tim Glover fine-tunes and simplifies the opportunities and challenges of profit, growth and innovation for businesses operating in the new economy.

Tim specializes in identifying an organization’s core strengths and mapping them to the best opportunities in today’s marketplace. Through his work as CFO and General Manager of three Fortune 500 companies, Tim learned to translate the fundamentals of business into bite-sized, practical chunks. Meanwhile, his “left-brain” careers in advertising, music and art taught Tim to apply innovation, adaptability and creativity in business to take advantage of emerging opportunities. This marriage of right and left brain thinking enables Tim to help businesses and people transform in accordance with their unique needs, desires and performance aspirations. Tim brings 30 years’ of experience to entrepreneurial and corporate clients in a variety of industries.