Brian O'Sullivan

Controls Engineer, Solara Automation / TerrorBytes Robotics

Brian O'Sullivan works as a Controls Engineer at Solara Automation and runs a nationally competitive high school robotics team, TerrorBytes Robotics. Brian received his BS in Computer Engineering from Clemson University and has worked in a variety of manufacturing, software development, and automation companies. Starting at Itron he developed control and computer vision software for fully-automated and semi-automated production lines to meet high customer demand. At NetApp he developed system level data backup and recovery code for the Data OnTap operating system. In Brian's current role as a Controls Engineer with Solara Automation he designs and deploys control systems for customers seeking robotics automation. Brian also coaches and runs the 2017 North Carolina state champion robotics team, TerrorBytes Robotics, out of Research Triangle Park, NC. Each year he leads the team of around 60 highschoolers and mentors in designing and building a 150lb robot to compete against teams across the country. Ask him about this year's game!