Shannon O'Toole

Chief Talent Officer, Buckingham Strategic Wealth

Any human resources professional will tell you that choosing the right candidate for the right role is a critical component to the job, but Shannon O’Toole, chief talent officer for Buckingham Strategic Wealth and BAM Advisor Services, believes that how you develop that associate once they are on your team is equally as important. And it’s what she finds most gratifying about her role at Buckingham. Under her direction, the firm puts a tremendous amount of resources into associate development, something Shannon feels is beneficial not just to the firm but to the professional and personal development of its employees. Shannon also takes pride in preserving the collaborative culture that has made the firm successful. She and her team work to make sure associates have the appropriate leadership, feedback, engagement and mentorship they need to succeed. Previously, Shannon was the director of recruiting for Renaissance Financial Corporation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in consumer and family economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She is an active member of Our Little Haven young professionals board and the American Youth Foundation. She is also on the University of Missouri–Columbia Personal Financial Planning Department’s Board of Advisors. A St. Louis native, she currently resides with her family in Kirkwood, Missouri.