Margaret_Von Lienen

Margaret Von Lienen CPA

Director, Exempt Organizations, Internal Revenue Service

Margaret Von Lienen is currently serving as the Director, Exempt Organizations in Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division where she is responsible for overseeing the compliance and determination activities of Exempt Organizations. Prior to this position, Margaret was the Director of Exempt Organizations Examinations where she provided executive oversight of the nation-wide compliance strategy and examinations.

Margaret is a 2014 graduate of the Candidate Development Program. Prior to joining TEGE in January 2015, Margaret held a number of leadership positions in Large Business and International Division including, Acting Director of Field Operations (DFO)-East, Retail, Food Transportation and Healthcare Industry, Acting DFO-Southeast, Heavy Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Industry, Acting DFO-West, Retail, Food, Transportation and Healthcare, Executive Assistant to the LB&I Deputy Commissioner – Domestic, and LB&I Territory Manager in St. Louis, MO. Margaret began her management career as a LB&I Team Manager in Memphis, TN in 2005. Margaret joined the IRS in 1984, in St. Louis, MO, as a Revenue Agent and held numerous positions in Examination including Revenue Agent, Quality Reviewer, CEP Team Member, Recruiter and Senior Team Coordinator.

Margaret holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Truman State University and a Masters in Taxation from Florida Atlantic University. She is a CPA, licensed in Missouri. Margaret and her husband Scott live near Dallas, TX and have two grown children.