Randy Mowat

Partner / Senior Vice President – Marketing, MNP

Randy Mowat’s vision and career accomplishments distinguish him as one of the most influential professional services marketers in Canada. Randy draws on his vast experience with the firm and other positions held, including Vice President, Direct Marketing for a leading Canadian consumer goods company, to build diverse and responsive marketing programs that deliver targeted results.

Since joining MNP in 1997, Randy has been a long-standing member of the firm’s senior management team and has lead the engineering of MNP’s strategic marketing plans and resource department development, which is responsible for all brand development and positioning and all elements of brand platform to support the firm’s rapid growth.

As a full service firm, Randy’s instinct to think outside the box and take calculated risks has enabled the firm to enter new markets and build brand awareness and positioning of diverse client and industry groups. MNP is recognized as the fastest growing national accounting and business consulting firm in Canada by The Bottom Line, a leading Canadian accounting publication, with year-over-year compounded growth surpassing 15% over the past ten years consecutively.

MNP's multiple award winning marketing efforts continue to be recognized both on a national and international scale. MNP was recognized by the Association for Accounting Marketing, Award for Corporate Identity, for organizations sized $150 million plus. MNP was the first Canadian firm to receive this distinction. MNP has also won the Accounting Marketing Award of Excellence in Canada and Randy was awarded, Marketer of the Year 2014, by the Association for Accounting Marketing, a Canadian first.