Maria Marsala

Strategic Business Advisor, Elevating Your Business

Maria is a successful business owner, business strategist, life coach, and workshop creator. She spent 17 years working in the financial industry at firms like Merrill and Bear Stearns. As a Fixed Income Department executive, she developed numerous marketing processes that were used firm-wide and an operations manual that helped double the revenues generated by retail RRs and advisors. Maria also saved firms millions of dollars by making their operations and technology more efficient.

Today, as owner of Elevating Your Business, Maria works with RIAs and other independent financial firms to achieve many of the same objectives, through consultative-coaching, speaking, and writing. She works with clients and also visits their offices in the USA and Canada. Raised in Brooklyn, Maria currently lives a ferry ride from Seattle. Every summer, you can catch her driving across the U.S. to NY and NJ to spend time with family and to visit upstate towns in search of the next place she’ll call home.