Julie G. Holunga MBA, ACC

Trainer & Executive Coach, Chinook Executive Solutions

Julie Holunga of Chinook Executive Solutions works with female professionals who are qualified to be a leader in their career, and yet doubt their skills or ability to take the reins. She also works with attorneys and accountants to build their books of business – their way. Both these groups did not learn the necessary skills through education or professional development and lack the confidence to activate the skill sets that Julie teaches.

Julie previously served as the project manager for Alumni Career Services at Harvard Business School. She built relationships with leaders at Wall Street firms focused on the efforts to advance women into positions of leadership. Julie began her career working at Harvard University in the Capital Gifts group.

She received her Bachelor's degree in French Literature and Economics at Union College and her MBA from Boston College. She spent seven of her formative years living and attending school in France, India, and Hong Kong. Julie and her family moved from Boston to Calgary, Canada and are now settled in Denver.