Suri Surinder

CEO, CTR Factor

Suri Surinder, CEO and Founder of CTR Factor, Inc.

His list of credentials:

  • 30 years as a senior executive, consultant, board member, author, entrepreneur and professor 
  • Former Chief Learning Officer at Kaleidoscope Group 
  • Former Chief Learning Officer and Global Head of ALPFA Solutions
  • Former Chief Learning Officer and Global Head of Consulting at Diversity MBA
  • Former President of $1.7B Southeast and $3B Midwest Region at Verizon
  • Former expert and lead consultant at McKinsey responsible for Customer Service & Call Centers
  • Former President of $250M Texas Region at CenturyLink
  • Former Head of $3B early stage collections at Capital One
  • Former Head of Global Business Transformation at Barclays
  • Author of “The CTR Factor: How High is Your Leadership Quotient”
  • Adjunct professor of Strategic Planning at City University of New York
  • Certified facilitator and administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
  • BS (Civil Engg.); MS (Structural Engg.); MBA (Marketing)