Steve L. Burke

Chief Executive for Sales, Portfolio

Mr. Burke has been in the automobile business for the past 40 years, beginning with 9 years in dealerships as a manager then owner. He is a graduate of General Motors Institute Dealer Management School. His past 30 years have been in the Vehicle Service Contract and Reinsurance Management business. Mr. Burke is one of the pioneers of the reinsurance concept, and the Portfolio reinsurance structure is the industry’s gold standard. His expertise is sought out by dealer CPAs and attorneys as well as dealers. His commitment to the reinsurance concept led Portfolio to invest the time and expense to defend its dealer taxpayers during the two-year IRS review of dealer reinsurance. This decision resulted in favorable rulings in late 2003 regarding Portfolio’s structures and operations. His principled leadership of the companies he has managed for over 25 years has led to not only consistently high growth but a comprehensive unified approach to delivering profits and a personal wealth asset to automotive dealers of all kinds.