Joan Pastor ABV

Owner / President, JPA-INTERNATIONAL

Joan Pastor, Ph.D., is president of JPA International, Inc., and has been a professional international facilitator, consultant and coach for 30 years. She is well-known for her keynotes and work in assisting organizations in Developing/updating their vision, plus the strategy and processes to achieve it. Joan is a certified speaking professional (CSP) and a certified mediator. Her book, Success as an Introvert (2013, Wiley), has been so well received that it was translated In numerous other languages for worldwide publication. Joan, along with John Morrow, CPA (now at PWC) were given the Excellence in Journalism award for their article “The Eight Habit of Highly Effective Audit Committees,” which was reprinted last year by the AICPA and stated a best practice. Joan has been working with the AICPA since 1997 In the April, 2016 issue of the Journal of Accountancy, an article featuring Joan entitled “Improve Your Conflict Management skills” was published ( Joan is a licensed Industrial-Organizational Psychologist as well as a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She also has her certification in all areas related to Adult Cognitive Abilities, including learning disabilities and giftedness. In general, Joan is known for her expertise in assessing a person- and organization’s- challenges and strengths at the core, root cause level. She then can assist in the correct and best action plan for maximizing growth.

Joan has worked for decades with senior and executive “C-Suite” level teams in NFP, government and “For-profit” organizations. Joan has made pioneering contributions in data-based coaching, leadership, emotional intelligence and organizational development, but also in governance, Business Process Documentation, behavioral profiling of the white collar criminal, and all areas of people, performance and organizational development skills for finance executives. She has spoken at numerous AICPA conferences on a wide range of topics, including a great deal of management development, dealing with difficult employees (and peers), and influencing upwards. When she is not keynoting, she spends most of her time coaching at the “C” Team level, training BODs, and facilitating strategic development, business growth off-sites and major organizational changes. She is a strong proponent of “Tone at the Top” and has developed an extremely powerful coaching and organizational culture process for transforming beliefs, increasing critical thinking skills, and coaching in conflict management and negotiation skills (both within and outside the workforce) worldwide for decades.

Joan has been named Outstanding Young Woman of the Year, awarded the U.S. Army Customer Service Award, and was twice awarded The National Leadership Award from the U.S. Business Advisory Council. She was given the “Gallery of Success” Life Achievement award in 2013 from Temple University and was invited to their BOD in 2014. The University of Michigan has selected her as one of their 12 executive coaches for alumni worldwide. Some of her many world-wide NFP and NGO clients include Feed the Children, the American Diabetes Association, Jewish Family Services, Virginia Mason University, University of Washington, Catholic Charities, IIA,Oklahoma/Texas/Virginia State Auditor’s Offices, NSA and CIA, dozens of military bases, Credit Union National Association, University of California, numerous US and foreign government agencies, including in Tanzania, South Africa, Australia, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Canada, & Argentina.