Tom Edwards

Senior Solutions Consultant, Dominion Dealer Solutions

Tom Edwards is the Sr Solutions Consultant for Dominion Dealer Solutions. Tom has been with Dominion since its acquisition of Automotive Computer Services in 2011, and has been working with Dealer Management Systems (DMS) for almost 20 years. During this period, Tom has listened to dealers DMS pain points, led M&A efforts with Dominion Enterprises, and supervised a team of developers to create Dominion VUE ™ , the most powerful DMS in the automotive industry. Tom is considered the most iconic DMS executive in industry because of his tremendous work influencing the paradigm shift that DMS product users face today. Early in his career, Tom worked for a variety of dealerships in the Midwest, assuming many roles to include Independent Sales Associate, internet manager and assistant manager. Tom has spoken at NADA, Chrysler, and to many dealer groups about how Dominion VUE™ will change their lives.