Sally Myers

CEO/Principal, C. Myers Corporation

Sally is a founder of C. Myers corporation and one of four owners, and she leads a client-focused team of 45+ people. Sally is driven by a deep commitment to helping credit union leaders and regulators.

Sally has facilitated hundreds of strategic planning sessions, and has spoken at countless national and regional industry conferences. She has been a strategic force behind C. Myers’ interest rate risk, budgeting, and liquidity models, which have been used to benefit credit unions of all sizes, including over half of those over $1 billion in assets.

Sally has been instrumental in helping credit unions weather the financial services industry crises. She worked to help them think, plan, and act strategically and proactively to ensure their sustainability during turbulent times. Whether during a strategic planning session or with an audience of more than a thousand while speaking at conferences, Sally has mastered taking complex issues and breaking them into engaging topics for discussion.

If you’re traveling with her, plan on hitting the gym, the mountain, or going on a bike ride with her! And always, Sally has a quick wit and is game for lively conversation and a good laugh.