Andrew L. Berkin PhD

Director of Research, Bridgeway Capital Management

Andrew L. Berkin, Ph.D. is Director of Research at Bridgeway Capital Management. A quantitative investment research leader, Dr. Berkin drives statistical and economic research on financial data for Bridgeways investment strategies. He is an expert in structured investment management whose publications on taxable investing are widely read. With an extensive technical background in theoretical physics and computer science, Dr. Berkin has spent the last 18 years applying his analytical capabilities to a variety of investment management considerations, including valuation, portfolio construction, and portfolio attribution. Dr. Berkin earned his bachelor of science with honors in physics from the California Institute of Technology and a doctor of philosophy in physics from the University of Texas, where he concentrated his studies in general relativity and astrophysics. Formerly co-chief investment officer and director of research for Vericimetry Advisors, Dr. Berkin was also a senior member and director in the research group at quantitative investment manager First Quadrant, where he was instrumental in the development and implementation of quantitative models in both taxable and tax-exempt portfolios for institutions as well as individuals. Dr. Berkin also spent five years as a National Research Council associate and later as a staff scientist with NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory during which time he won the 1996 NASA Software of the Year Award as a co-investigator and developer. Dr. Berkin has written numerous journal articles for investment professionals. Together with Larry Swedroe he authored the book The Incredible Shrinking Alpha, released in early 2015. Dr. Berkin also serves on the editorial board of the Financial Analysts Journal.