Larry McKoy CPA

Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Larry McKoy, CPA/PFS, CFP – is a partner with Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP who has over thirty years of experience working with tax issues and opportunities for his clients. In addition to core tax compliance, much of his time is spent assisting clients in real estate industry with mapping out tax strategies to fit within clients’ current business plans.
Larry works extensively with pass thru entities including S corporations, partnerships, LLC’s and trusts to accomplish cutting edge tax structures. Larry has extensive experience with mergers, acquisitions, multi-state tax issues, IRS interface issues, executive compensation tax issues and owner/executive planning. Larry is often involved with structuring of business and/or real estate transactions to harvest tax opportunities while still achieving business goals.
In addition to business and real estate taxation issues, Larry is a firm leader in the area of estate planning and financial planning. He is often involved with assisting owners and executives in their personal tax and wealth building strategies. The synergy of working with both the company and owner/executive helps formulate tax strategies at all levels.