Marty Van Wagoner CPA

Partner, Child, Van Wagoner & Bradshaw, PLLC

Marty Van Wagoner is a partner at Child, Van Wagoner & Bradshaw, PLLC, (CVB) a firm specializing in national and international SEC clients, subsidized housing entities and taxes. He earned a BA in accounting and an MBA at the University of Utah, after which he went directly to work for KPMG. In his ten years at KPMG he specialized in the audits of manufacturing companies. After KPMG, he worked about a year and a half at placement agencies and then formed his own CPA firm. During that time, he also taught accounting classes at the University of Utah. Several years later, he combined his firm with three others to form (CVB). His emphasis at CVB is the audit of SEC filing companies with an emphasis on international businesses.