Robert Storch CPA

Chief Accountant, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Robert F. Storch Mr. Storch is the Chief Accountant in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Division of Risk Management Supervision in Washington, D.C. His principal responsibilities include the development of accounting policies and reporting requirements for banks and the review of depository institutions’ accounting for specific transactions. Mr. Storch represents the FDIC on the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s Task Force on Reports, the Accounting Experts Group of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, and the Basel Committee’s Task Force on Expected Loss Provisioning. Mr. Storch’s other duties involve participation in the development of the FDIC’s regulations and supervisory policies pertaining to auditing programs and oversight over the FDIC’s securities registration and disclosure function under the federal securities laws. Mr. Storch joined the FDIC in 1973 as an examiner trainee in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and became a commissioned bank examiner in 1978. He transferred to the FDIC’s Washington Office in 1981 and served as a financial analyst and accounting policy specialist before being promoted to Chief of the Division of Supervision’s Accounting Section in 1988. In July 2002, Mr. Storch was designated Chief of the Accounting and Securities Disclosure Section in the Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection. He was named Chief Accountant in February 2003.
Mr. Storch is a graduate of Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and earned an M.B.A. in accounting and finance from the Wharton Graduate Division of the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin. Mr. Storch is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of CPAs.