Ajit Kambil

Managing Partner, Deloitte LLP

Ajit Kambil, PhD, is a Managing Director who leads CFO Program Research; Transition Lab Innovation; and the Private Equity Program for Executive Accelerators at Deloitte LLP. Prior to these roles Ajit led Deloitte Research a worldwide think tank. As the CFO Program Research leader he created CFO Insights a fortnightly publication with over 37000 subscribers, and he oversees the varied research products of the program. As the creator of Deloitte’s Executive Transition Labs and Transition Accelerators he has personally delivered over 300 Transition Labs to CFOs in over 25 countries. In these personalized one day Labs, CFOs frame their priorities, think through their organization and influence strategies as they take on new CFO roles and challenges. Ajit is widely published on varied management and technology topics in leading journals from the Harvard Business Review to IEEE Computer. His forthcoming book The Leadership Accelerator will be published by McGraw Hill, in February 2023. He has a PhD and three other degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.