Deborah Fox

CEO & Founder, Fox Financial Planning Network

Deborah Fox is CEO and Founder of Fox Financial Planning Network (FFPN), a company nationally known for transforming how advisers operate by providing the tools, templates, workflows and consulting to systematize the delivery of financial advice. Fox has been a practicing financial advisor since 1987 and is known nationally for her unique approach to holistic financial planning and wealth management services as well as her specialty planning company, Fox College Funding. Fox was one of the earliest adopters of moving her business into the cloud and incorporating detailed systems and web-based technology to work more efficiently, profitably and to be able to offer a higher level of service to her clients without working harder. Fox has also been providing consulting services to financial advisors for over 20 years. Fox developed the FFPN system to create a process for a firm to unite the four major components of their practice – systems, technology, human capital and practice management. She sought out to solve the industry problem concerning the lack of advisor adoption and implementation of available information, tools and technology. FFPN was approached to provide training and resources to AICPA Personal Financial Planning section members. After a year and a half vetting process, in 2009 FFPN was chosen to become the second AICPA PFP Partner to assist member firms establish systems, workflows and best practices for offering PFP services.