Lisa Johnson CPA

Principal, Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates, P. A.

Lisa Johnson, CPA, is a member of Gross Mendelsohn’s Nonprofit Group and Employee Benefit Plan Group. She works with all kinds of nonprofits, including health and welfare organizations, private schools, foundations, community organizations and associations. She also works with nonprofits that require Single Audits. Lisa knows that nonprofits face countless challenges, including increased donor scrutiny, complex regulatory compliance and a poor economy. But Lisa is drawn to nonprofits because of the passion they have for what they do, in spite of the challenges they face. She believes their passion is contagious and feels a sense of pride knowing that her work helps to further their mission. In conjunction with performing the financial statement audits, Lisa enjoys helping her nonprofit clients strengthen their infrastructure, comply with complex government regulations and understand their financial condition. Lisa earned the American Institute of CPAs’ Not-for-Profit Certification, which is awarded to CPAs who prove their proficiency in nonprofit financial reporting, auditing, governance and tax compliance. Her 15+ years of public accounting experience also includes conducting employee benefit plan audits. In addition to working with nonprofits, Lisa performs financial statement audits, reviews and compilations for manufacturing, technology and service companies. Lisa serves on the steering committee for Gross Mendelsohn's women's initiative.