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Financial Planning & Analysis Conference 2013

Unlocking Business Intelligence

‐ Jul 24, 2013 7:50am

The term “Business Intelligence” (BI) is often used to describe the technical architecture or “stack” of systems and tools that extract, assemble, store and access data to provide reports and analysis. But BI is not just about hardware or software. Success depends on senior management recognizing that an organization’s data is an important strategic asset that can yield valuable management information. Their leadership is essential when implementing changes and developing the culture necessary to unlock the potential in a BI solution so the better information generated is actually used to improve decision making.
Management accountants are uniquely positioned to help make BI initiatives a success. This session will explore the role of management accountants in BI initiatives, trends in BI, challenges of implementing BI systems, and the keys to success in realizing the value of BI.

During this session you will:
• Obtain an overview of BI trends and technologies
• Understand how better information results in better decision-making—and ultimately competitive advantage.
• Learn how to develop a business case for BI and the keys to success in realizing the value of investments in BI technology
• Learn how management accountants play an essential role in realizing BI value


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