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Employee Benefit Plans 2014

Fee Disclosure and ERISA Accounts

‐ May 14, 2014 11:45am

Standard: $ 49.00
This session will discuss not only fee disclosure, expense rebates, investment policies, investment committee role regarding plan investments and fiduciary rules, but also the use of ERISA accounts and other management issues in dealing with plan assets. The presentation will cover the responsibilities of the plan sponsor and the auditor and what the auditor should be doing differently, given recent rule changes. This session will address:
• What fee disclosures are required and for which types of plans?
• What are ERISA spending accounts and how may they be used?
• What is an investment committee’s role regarding plan investments and what fiduciary rules apply?
• Why are investment policies important?
• How do recent rule changes affect what the auditor should do?


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