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Interregnum's End: The Beginning of the American Century

Jan 22, 2013 7:50pm ‐ Jan 22, 2013 9:05pm

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Much of the impressive economic growth the world has witnessed in the past 20 years has occurred because of a heretofore unprecedented alignment of demographic, financial and military factors -- Stratfor calls it geopolitics. Nearly all of those conditions are undergoing unavoidable structural change and the impact upon the global system is already proving transformative. The United States is uniquely positioned by geography to benefit even more from the new system than the old, but the road from here to there is not a smooth one. Those places that have profited greatly from the old system will be ground away as the new system takes root, and they will not go quietly.
• The entire European system is rooted in a world that no longer exists. Its collapse is not only inevitable, it may be nearly imminent.
• Powerful growth in places such as Russia, India and China was possible because of the twentieth-century alignments. Their future is bleak.
• Iran was hoping to remake its region in a moment of American weakness. That opportunity has now been missed, but Iran still holds dangerous leverage.
• But there are plenty of bright spots too, with some of the brightest being Turkey, Mexico and Brazil.



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