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Women's Global Leadership Summit 2014

Breakfast Session - Retaining & Developing Women Leaders - AICPA "Bootcamp" Organizational Strategies

‐ Oct 24, 2014 6:50am

This breakfast session will be an executive summary of the AICPA WIEC sponsored Retaining and Development Women Leaders Organizational Strategies Workshop or "bootcamp".  The full two day WIEC sponsored Organizational Strategies Workshop is designed for multiple firm representatives to attend as a team. The team experiences  the initial education process relative to understanding the barriers and success factors in retaining and developing women in accounting.  The team from each firm then works together on strategy setting for their organization during the workshop. This breakfast session will introduce material from the full workshop including the best practices  and processes relevant to understanding your firm's specific needs regarding retaining and developing women leaders. Concepts such as customized business case, barriers to advancement, best practice solutions and communication will be discussed in this introductory breakfast session.  Firms that have a targeted gender diversity effort or those who are interested in learning more about why and how firms work on these issues should attend this breakfast gathering.  Those firms interested in the full two day Organizational Strategies Workshop would also benefit from attending this summary session to learn more about the approach in the full two day workshop.      


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