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2023 AICPA & CPA/SEA Interchange Conference

INT2344 - Rainmaking: Your Corporate Accounting and Finance B2B Business

‐ Jul 13, 2023 4:30pm

Corporate Finance and Accounting Capstone: Have you ever wondered what would happen if your association focused as much time/energy/effort on supporting companies as we do CPA firms at a B2B level? This strategic session introduces core business-building concepts for how to start, build, and maintain non-CPA firm corporate entity relationships, as an association.

You will learn:

  • Areas CPA associations and many companies align with common interests;
  • Where and how decisions are made for supporting nonprofit associations;
  • How you can best position your unique basket of support initiatives/programs/services to attract corporate-level support and giving;
  • What talking points will serve often-diverse interests within a company;
  • How to develop key relationships with corporate CPA members, HR teams, and even executive leadership; and
  • What times of the year are best to engage in initial and ongoing business development.

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