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EST2203 - Engaging the Next Generation in the Estate Plan

Jun 6, 2022 11:15am ‐ Jun 6, 2022 12:05pm


Estate plans are designed to take care of assets, not necessarily family relationships.  Family legacies are built on relationships, and relationships build on communication skills.  Family leaders who take time to invest in trust and communication skills are far more successful in maintaining family harmony and control of assets.  Join us to learn the: Impact of family dynamics and what separates families that are successful from families that are not

Approaches to minimize common risks to both financial assets and the family unity

How to identify necessary roles for family members and engage the next generation

What you can do today to prepare your family and start the conversation.

​Speaker - Virtual(s):

  • Amy Castoro, Masters in Somatic Coaching, President & CEO, TWG
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