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AICPA & CIMA CFO Conference 2021

CFO2106 - Are You Ready to Win in the Experience Economy?

May 5, 2021 3:55pm ‐ May 5, 2021 4:45pm

Standard: $49.00


Business value used to be created by delivering a product or service at the right place, time, quality and price. Similarly, companies used to measure success by following its operational and financial performance metrics. Today, in the experience economy, value is no longer limited to productivity and efficiency, but notably driven by behaviors and the emotions of the people who interacts daily with our business. High performing businesses are leveraging from experience management, actively listening to customers in real-time, armed with advanced analytics, making their employees happier and boosting customer loyalty. Leading companies are harvesting revenue gains of 5-10% while reducing costs by 15-25% within 2-3 years cycle. Are You ready to win in the experience economy?

Learning Objectives:
  • Recognize why improving the experience for your customers is critical for finance leaders today
  • Assess how to professionally manage customer experience and add value to your customers and your business
  • Determine the tools and techniques involved in driving customer value and financial outcome in the changing technical landscape
  • Identify how to integrate customer experience into the management of your business through technology and KPIs


  • guilherme blas, Global Director, Customer Experience, Volvo Financial Services
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