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PST2112 - PST2112. Financial Forecasting: Add Value, Save Time and Delight Clients

Jul 28, 2021 3:30pm ‐ Jul 28, 2021 4:45pm

Standard: $49.00


Over the past decade the growth of Client Advisory Services (CAS) has developed more demand for budgeting and forecasting services. 2020 grew that demand exponentially as businesses needed quality, and nimble forecasting as the environment was changing quickly. For many accounting professionals they were heads down in spreadsheets trying to scale their ability to efficiently offer this valuable information and service to clients.

This session is an opportunity to hear from process innovators that will share tips on how to develop a scalable forecasting and budgeting service offering to clients, ways to make this service timely for clients, and create a new profit center within your firm. These experts in budgeting and forecasting will share data to collect, questions to ask, and tools to be more productive.

The volatility of 2021 makes these services highly valuable to clients. Are you working in the most time efficient and profitable way?

Learning Objectives:
  • Put on your "CFO hat" to evaluate the key drivers of any business
  • Assess tips to develop forecasts in a more timely manner
  • Interpret how the latest accounting automation technology is speeding up and improving financial forecasting


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