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FIN2003 - FIN2003. Making Value Real: Climbing The Ladder to Transactional Efficiency & Effectiveness

Jul 22, 2020 4:15pm ‐ Jul 22, 2020 5:05pm

Standard: $49.00


As the finance function has emerged over decades, our measure for success has been timeliness and accuracy, and more recently, the notion of ‘value’ and ‘insight’ is becoming more widely used. In 2020, finance teams are playing in both ‘sandpits’; looking for ways to remove lag and automate tasks to complete them more quickly & consistently, whilst also seeking to be increasingly proactive around proving more valued insights and counselling decision makers with trusted advice to help them drive towards achieving their business objectives.

This transition to the ‘sandpit’ of value creation is not always easy to achieve, leaving many finance professionals focused on being the ‘mechanic’ for a more ‘robust’ finance operations. And there is nothing wrong with this if that is a deliberate choice. However there are fantastic opportunities for the finance function to become more enabling in our organisations with 99% of firms are saying that they want to become insights-driven, but only one-third report back that they’re succeeding*.

So if you want to move into business value creation & capture, this webinar is for you.

Author of “The Audacious Business Partner” and Founder of the Strength in the Numbers” Podcast, Andrew Codd, brings insights from finance leaders around the world and his own practical experience to explore:

  • The importance of finance leaders defining and demystifying value creation for their teams.
  • Cases to explore the difference in value between ‘transactional efficiency’ and ‘value creation’.
  • Easy steps you can take to help your team lift up in ‘value creation’.


  • Andrew Codd, CGMA, MBA, Founder, #SITN Strength in the Numbers Podcast

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