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Women's Global Leadership Summit 2019

WOM19101 - Your Brain on Goals

‐ Nov 6, 2019 9:15am

Standard: $ 79.00

**Additional fee**

Neuroscientists tell us our brain is a social organ. Before anything else. And the more we understand this highly sensitive operating system, the more likely we are to reach our biggest goals. This session addresses the highly unpopular finding that the more time we spend analyzing details, the harder it is to successfully engage and communicate with others. It’s quite the dilemma for many of us who are highly analytical but also want to achieve strategic goals, build relationships and successfully lead change. We just need to give the brain what it needs each day.

In this session you will discover the 6 core conditions that your brain, and everyone else’s, needs in order to operate at its best each day. You’ll then learn how to create a significant goal for yourself that is brain friendly, increasing your likelihood of achieving it. This compelling and practical learning experience dips into neuroscience to understand how our environment and daily interactions affect our brain, and what it needs to perform at its best and get the most out of those we interact with. We explore recent brain facts and useful communication approaches to transform how you move through each day. You will leave the session with a goal your brain loves, and a level of inspiration and focus to get the most out of the conference.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact our daily interactions have on our effectiveness and discover the effect that change and complexity has on our brain
  • Identify common stressors in your role and workplace environment and learn the 6 core conditions for optimum engagement and high performance
  • Develop simple ways to build better relationships
  • Understand how to set goals your brain loves and create one goal that primes your brain to achieve it


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